Lumenhaus is committed to providing reliable, high quality residential & commercial lighting solutions to the New Zealand trade industry.

Product Quality

Our design and manufacturing passion and knowledge provides a great basis for product development. We keep a close eye on functionality, durability, and design with the aim to provide products that the New Zealand trade industry can rely on.

Environmental Values

We reduce any plastic packaging where we can and invest time into strategic freight strategies in order to reduce the brands carbon footprint. Lumenhaus has also developed a range of solar lights, giving our customers the option to use a more sustainable lighting solution. We have created this solar range with focus on reliability and durability, ensuring New Zealand’s trade industry can utilize this sustainable with confidence.

Customer Relationships

We pride ourselves on our transparent communication with our clients in the New Zealand trade industry, prioritizing their needs, and provide lighting solutions that are most suitable. We value the feedback we receive from the people in New Zealand’s trade industry, and prioritize their feedback as well as the feedback from their clients.

Competitive Pricing

We have long standing relationships with our manufacturers as well as knowledge and experience in product development and design. These attributes equip us to develop our products optimizing quality and offering competitive prices to our clients.